Dear Parents/Carers:

As many of you are aware, we, at The Minster Junior School, promote and celebrate Christian values at our school. These values are derived from the Bible’s reference to the Fruits of the Spirit as they are essential for our growth as a ‘good’ human being and a responsible citizen of the world. We have allocated a different value to each month in order to explore in depth what they mean and how we can live them out.

Although we are a Christian school, we teach all the main religions of the world to our children and respect their teachings. The values that we have chosen are represented in each religion, faith and belief; therefore, we expect each child to live out the school values.

Every month the class teachers chose a child from their class who has lived out the value most visibly. Those selected children are then presented with a special values award during worship time. We want to extend this distinctive feature of our school to our children’s families.

We would like to invite each and every person associated with our school to live out our school values with us. Watch out for a text coming your way every month informing you what the value of that month is. Whenever you see your child live out that value, please email us at

Provide us with your child’s name, class and the way in which they have lived out the value. These children will be specially commended during the school’s Values’ Worship.

This is a wonderful way of involving our community into the inspirational learning and living that goes on in our school. We hope that this initiative will be well-received and we will get many responses each month.

Yours sincerely,

The RE Team

@The Minster Junior School

Warrington Road


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