The staff of The Minster Junior School are committed, in partnership with the parents, pupils, governors, and the Local Authority, to building a school which serves the community, and of which the community is proud.

School staff believe that all pupils benefit from regular school attendance. The School  will encourage and support parents/carers in ensuring their children maximise their educational opportunities through regular attendance, and that any difficulties that impact upon attendance are identified and acted upon promptly. 


Please take a look at the attendance posters that are currently posted around the school, designed by the children to encourage good attendance from their peers. 

Attendance & Punctuality Newsletter

Regular attendance and punctuality is a key factor towards your child’s achievement at school. We regularly monitor both attendance and punctuality for the whole school and invite parents in to discuss circumstances with us if their child’s attendance falls below the expected percentage. We also speak to pupils too, perhaps during assembly, about the importance of being in school on time each day.



Unfortunately, we are seeing far too many children regularly arriving late to school. This means that they are potentially missing out on intervention groups that have been put in place to help them and also on collective worship where the whole school comes together each morning. We would like to stress the importance of regular routines such as preparing everything the night before or perhaps setting an alarm each morning when it is time to leave the house, ensuring that children have a less disruptive start to their day and arrive to school on time or even early. They are able to come in to school from 8.30am. If lateness persists, formal action in the form of a Penalty Notice may follow.

Finally, we would like to stress the importance of School and Parents working together in order to improve attendance & punctuality so that pupils can achieve their best possible outcome. Please look out for our Attendance Coffee Mornings and come along to gather more information or to ask us questions.

Simon Dilley

Education Welfare Officer


Reporting Absence

A big “thank you” to all parents who report their child’s absence to school. It is important to remember that if we do not know why your child is absent; we have no alternative than to record the absence as unauthorised.

If your child/children are absent from school, for any reason, please contact the school office before 9am.

To report absence please call the office on: 020 8688 5844 option 2, or come to the office and speak to us.

You can also use our dedicated email address to report absence:

Thank you!

 Click here to see our Attendance Policy 2023-2024

How does absence affect attendance?

How does punctuality affect attendance?

Days Absent Weeks Absent

% Attendance

  Minutes late each day School Days Lost Over Academic Year
1 99.5% 5 minutes 3 days
2 99% 10 minutes 6.5 days
3 98.5% 15 minutes 10 days
4 98% 20 minutes 13 days
5 1 week 97.5% 30 minutes 19 days
10 2 weeks 94.5%
15 3 weeks 92.5%
20 4 weeks 90%
25 5 weeks


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