Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team

 Executive Headteacher

Alison Silke

Head of School

Claudette Farray-Green

Assistant Headteacher

(Inclusion, SENDCo and DSL)

Derrick Francis

Assistant Headteacher

(Curriculum Innovation and Moden Foreign Languages)

Tanya Frois

Operations & School Business Manager

Tanya Waddingham

Senior Management Team

Head of Sport, Special Projects and PPG

Gareth Davies

Head of Assessment

Ryan Roberts

Head of Maths/RE Team

Vinita Bhasin

Curriculum Leaders

PSHE/Pupil Wellbeing/Remote Learning

Vicki Kovacs Pereira

Art (Artist in Residence)

Alec Saunders


Kirsty Driscoll

Head of Reading

Marianne Shirley


Charles Gibbons

RE Team

Kareen Hewitt

Enrichment Curriculum

Esther Simpson-Wright

Head of Music

Laura Munns

English support

Katherine Diesel (Maternity leave)

Class Teacher

Emily Yang

Class Teacher

Maireui Selvam


Priscilla Adu-Bobie

Sustainability support

Leeann Ramsey (Part time)

Writing Practitioner

Gloria Wong


Classroom Cover and Learning Support

Ranjit Saini

Julie Bower

Claudia Allison

Welfare Team

Family Link Worker, DSL & Attendance

Jasent Robertson

PPG Champion,ELSA and Lego Therapy

Sarah Hodges


Paulette Williams

Jane Lim

Learning Support

Elizabeth Ellington

Uzma Aslam

Suneetha Yalamanchi

Denise Wheeler

Ginny D’Silva

Sarah Morson

Nisha Patel

Laura Munns

Anton Grant

Natalya Watson

Rebecca Collard

Lynne Carden

Kimeka Small

Sreela Moolachery

Sharifa Lawrence

Senior Midday Supervisor

Virginia D’Silva

Midday Supervisors

Georgia Georgiou

Umus Tezgel

Laila Amin

Ergenta Pashkaj

Dorina Dhima

Rachel Robinson

Office Team

Laura Holden

Linda Newman

Lynne Carden

Jasent Robertson

Executive Site Manager

Assistant Caretakers

Chris Knott

Patricio Diaz

Mirza Uzunovic


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