Religious Education

RE is at the heart of what we do here at the Minster Junior School; it is central to our Christian distinctiveness and school effectiveness.

Religious Education enables our children to think theologically; to explore the meaning and purpose of life and death; to explore the role of Christianity in an ever-changing world. And, in a greater depth and breath, how the teachings of Jesus point the way to caring for others in a world filled with challenges.

Although we are a Church of England school, our RE curriculum incorporates other world religions thereby giving our children a broad and varied religious experience.

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Withdrawal of Pupils

Although Religious Education must be given in all maintained schools, any parent has the right to withdraw his/her child wholly or partly from such religious education or to withdraw his/her child from school in order to receive instruction elsewhere of a denominational character not provided in the school.

If a pupil is withdrawn from school by his/her parent in order to receive religious education of a kind which is not provided in the school, the Authority must be satisfied that the pupil cannot reasonably attend a school at which the desired religious education is given and that arrangements have, in fact, been made for the pupil to receive the desired religious education elsewhere. The withdrawal of a pupil may only be made at the beginning or end of a school session, and only for such periods as are reasonably necessary.

The right of withdrawal applies to county, voluntary controlled, voluntary aided, and special agreement schools. Requests must be granted and assumed to remain in force until withdrawal by the parents. It is desirable but not essential that such a request must be in writing.

Home Worship

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