Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) is seen at the heart of Christian distinctiveness at the Minster Junior School and is central to school effectiveness.

As such, RE is given the priority as a core subject in the curriculum with the aim for it to be an outstanding specialism of the school. It is intended that the RE provided will be of the highest quality, aiming for excellence in teaching and learning.

The RE should is innovative, creative, exciting and engaging and its relevance made clear for all and reflected across all areas of the school curriculum. This is anchored by our school vision

‘Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and do good’.

With this in mind, we hope to help develop our pupils into reflective, confident learners and caring welcoming global citizens.

 Holocaust Memorial Day


Look at this fragile glass of freedom, it questions how this happened in reality, in one night, in a blink of an eye – freedom was taken away from so many!

The night of Kristallnacht is depicted in this painting. The shattered windows and old newspaper including the sepia colour theme, inflects the dark but real moment in the history.

Freedom is portrayed as a piece of glass, which would have been easily shattered and broken, like all the shop windows of that night during the Holocaust. How fragile freedom was! Just by a smash of a brick! Just began with one person!

The contrast between the distressed people and the arrogant soldiers illustrates the frustration and injustice. This massacre has been pressed upon the Jews by the Nazis, creating such a terrible timeline that we can unfortunately say that it has happened in cold stone. This devastating event caused the death of many Jews, every single one of them had their own life with a family. Jews had to endure both physical and mental torture innocently.

Freedom is fragile. Let’s lock this horrible time in the paintings and don’t take freedom for granted!

 The Minster Junior School came 1st place in the Holocaust Memorial Day Competition in Croydon 2023

The Minster Junior School came joint 1st place in the Holocaust Memorial Day Competition in Croydon 2024

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