Year 6 Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Curriculum Overview page


This last year of primary school for the pupils is abundantly filled with opportunities for personal growth, deep thinking, learning about topical issues and becoming a more independent learner. The topics that are covered are engaging as well as challenge the children to be reflective and concerned citizens of the world.

This year perfectly balances learning with fun. The focus is on the children having a memorable last year in their primary school which culminates in the infamous Year 6 residential.

Here you can view topic planners and curriculum plans for the current year and next year:

Year 6 Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Because of the SATS, ther is no topic as such this term. The children will be revising thoroughly for their SATS in class and will resume with topic work in Summer Term 2.

Please visit the mathematics page to see our current teaching policies.

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