Visits to Places of Worship

At the Minster Junior School, we deliver a rich and varied curriculum.

Alongside writing, art and drama are used to explore topics and ‘Big Questions’, visits to other places of worship are scheduled so children can explore different world faiths.

Trips have included Mandir, Guthwara and Synagogues. We also use the children’s own experience as a valuable resource and build upon their prior knowledge, ideas and interests.

Furthermore, as a Church of England school, we have close links with our patronal church, Croydon Minster. We regularly visit church for Christian festivals and important occasions. The Assistant Vicar is also integral to our teaching and learning in RE and there are regular visits to classes during RE lessons to support the children’s learning.

Recently, Year 4 children Class went to a stunning newly refurbished Mandir in South London as part of the unit of ‘What does it mean to be a Hindu’. The children asked many interesting questions about Hinduism, and learnt about the sacred objects used by Hindus in their place of worship.

Year 5 visits the Gurdwarda as part of their study of Sikhism
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