Critical Incident Plan



CRITICAL INCIDENTS DEFINED :    occasions when our school may experience incidents of a significantly extreme nature and  scale.   They are 'Unexpected occurrences, which may suddenly have a major impact on school'.


Preventative and precautionary measures

– all staff and pupils familiar with school routines for fire and evacuation of the building on hearing the fire alarm.

– all staff  familiar with the routines and procedures for dealing with emergencies  in this document

– all staff and pupils familiar with school security procedures, in particular that all visitors not wearing a visitor’s lanyard should be questioned and escorted to reception.

– all staff organising school trips and visits follow the guidelines as in the Staff Handbook / School Visits Policy and write a risk assessment to be signed off by the Headteacher

– all staff  sign in and out of the premises

– all staff aware of pupils with medical needs / health problems (pictures, names, condition on staffroom board)

– all staff  aware of procedures to  deal with violence at work (two members of staff to be available )

– all staff  aware that associated risks to children are assessed  before carrying out a curriculum or other activity

– all staff aware of their responsibilities for assessing risks to themselves before undertaking an activity


A major incident is defined as:

An accident leading to a serious injury or fatality;

Severe injury or severe stress;

Circumstances in which a person or persons might be at serious risk of illness;

Circumstances in which any part, or whole of the school is unable to function as normal due to external influences Any situation in which the national press or media might be involved


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