History of The Minster Junior School

Parish Church Junior School (1812 – 2015)

The first mention of a Parish Church school was in 1812. We celebrated our bi-centenary in 2012! Prior to 1850 a ‘Poor School’ was held at the chapel of the Old Palace. This was for girls only and was supervised by the Vicars of Croydon. The Croydon Directory of 1851 mentions the School of Industry for Girls and also a school for infants. A school for boys was established on 23 January 1882 and was held in the Pitlake Mission Hall, Westfield Road. A new building was needed to bring these three departments together and therefore a school was erected adjacent to the Parish Church.

Archbishop Benson officially opened it on 29 March 1884 before a distinguished gathering. Behind the foundation stone was placed a sealed bottle containing contemporary newspapers and coins.

It was soon found that these new premises were insufficient to meet the educational demands of the District. In 1894 it was found necessary to find additional accommodation in the newly erected Welcome Hall in Scarbrook Road. The boys’ school remained there until 1924. In August 1949 the school consisted of a mixed Junior and Infant Department. The Headteacher was Mr B.R. Revett.

On 25 April 1966 the school moved to its present site in Warrington Road and became separate Infant and Junior Schools. These new schools, which were Voluntary Controlled, were officially opened on 05 October 1966 by the Right Reverend Maurice Harland, formerly Bishop of Croydon.

In October 2006 we celebrated 40 years on our current site when the Bishop of Southwark unveiled a plaque in our dining room.

From September 1998 the school began to expand to three forms of entry.


The Minster Junior School (2015) 

In the summer of 2013, the first turf was cut to begin the expansion of Parish Church Junior School into a four forms of entry school. The project would take just over a year and would see the school transformed. The children were amazed at the look of their ‘new’ school and the addition of the classrooms on an upper floor.

From September 2015, the school became known as The Minster Junior School. A new chapter has opened in the long and proud history of our school.

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