SIAMS Inspection 26 June 2023

Inspection date 26 June 2023

The Minster Junior School is proud to have shown excellence in all areas of our latest SIAMS Inspection.

How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

  • Overall grade Excellent
  • The impact of collective worship Excellent
  • The effectiveness of religious education (RE) Excellent

Key findings

  • Lives are transformed at this excellent school. Leaders are unfailingly committed to the flourishing of pupils, adults and the wider community. Staff go above and beyond and serve with generosity, love and grace. The vision is lived and breathed with deep conviction.
  • There is a rich culture of spirituality. Pupils are developed exceptionally well. They learn valuable life skills and are offered enrichment opportunities. These experiences are inspirational and enriching.
  • Relationships are life-affirming. The school is a harmonious family. Pupils understand themselves as global citizens and have widespread opportunities to be courageous advocates, however this is mainly teacher led.
  • Collective worship is a real priority of the school, through which the vision makes inspirational impact. It is varied, creative, dynamically interactive, inclusive, inspiring and invitational. Pupils and adults value collective worship as an essential part of school life.
  • Religious education (RE) is exceptional. The progress pupils make routinely surpasses expectations. They deeply enjoy RE with passion and enthusiasm. Pupils are empowered to explore all world faiths and beliefs with curiosity and respect.
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