At the Minster we believe that Science engages pupils’ natural curiosity about the world in which they live.

Through practical exploration pupils will explore and discover more about ‘real-life’ experiences, and will learn and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need in order to think creatively and critically about our world, and beyond.

Key Principles for science – a promise fusing teaching and learning.

We promise to:

  • Carry out practical investigations in pairs, in groups and independently;
  • Capture ‘Working scientifically’ in action, and use photographs as evidence in Science books, and on science working walls
  • Use oral rehearsals, raps, songs, videos to help harness the memory of key scientific vocabulary and concepts;
  • Evidence progress and understanding through our use of questioning, Concept Cartoons and retrieval quizzes,
  • Assess progress in working scientifically and scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding, and set achievable yet challenging targets.
  • Build pupils’ confidence and support them to ‘Talk Like a Scientist’.

Click to read the Science Rationale

Click to read the Science 3 I’s

Click to read the Science Overview

Click to read the Science Progression Grid

What our pupils say: 

“I really like Science- especially when we do ‘Odd One Outs” 

“I loved making moving toys; you saw the pulleys and levers moving for real.” 

“Learning about how to keep your heart healthy is really good as it makes me a stronger footballer”

“It was so fun when I got to go to the Planetarium and to view Space!” 


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