Modern Foreign Languages

Here at the Minster Junior School we are committed to providing all our students with a basic level of understanding in at least one Modern Foreign Language.

With London rapidly becoming the most diverse and multicultural city in Europe the need for a second language has never been greater. We believe that a basic level of understanding will aid our students throughout later life.
Currently Spanish is the main focus as our set MFL of study. Classes in the Junior school will study Spanish with a native teacher for a least a term a year, these lessons will consist of:

  • Speaking
  • Developing listening skills
  • Reading
  • Writing of key phrases

The main focus of the lessons is to encourage the students to use the language with one another, therefore developing a working knowledge of the subject. We strongly encourage all students to get involved with our interactive and engaging lessons.

Studying MFL in Primary School will give children a huge advantage as most Secondary Schools are now encouraging students to take a MFL to GCSE level. We believe that if we provide the basics the students will find themselves at a real advantage going into Secondary School.

At the end of the academic year we will be looking forward to handing out prizes for our best Spanish speakers. Buena Suerte!

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